“Festival of talent competition” at Long Sinh

In the morning 20.10.2015, “Festival of talent competition” was jubilant taken place in Long Sinh Company. This is one of the significant activities held to celebrate the special day of women – October 20. Content of competition between teams is sweet soup with main ingredient is Green bean. Attending the program include Board of Directors and all staff working at Long Sinh. In particular, there is the presence of Mrs Nguyen Thi Bien – Chairman of the Labor Union of Industrial zone – Economic areas in Khanh Hoa Province.

thitai1Opening the contest, Mr. Vuong, Vinh Hiep – General Director of the Company has made sincere sharing, while he also sent meaningful greetings for the entire female staff in special day – 20/10.


thitai4Mrs Nguyen Thi Bien – Chairman of the Labor Union of Industrial zone – Economic areas in Khanh Hoa Province offered fresh flowers to Mrs Doan Thi Ngoc My – Member of Board of Director

thitai3Competing in the contest is composed of 4 teams:
• Team 1: Admin department.
• Team 2: Marketing department – Cleaner.
• Team 3: Warehouse – Lab – KCS
• Team 4: Production Department.

The food required to meet request that board of examiners launched: decoration, food safety, presentation and quality. For a delicious food, all team have planned and prepared items and raw materials previously a thoughtful way. It is the careful preparation that helped each team gives the perfect dishes to contest. The food are simple but contains all the passion and talents of people cooking, though simple but good for health and also be full of significance. If Admin department through the symbols: sun and flower of decoration to send a message: The women live like beautiful flowers, always smile and show their beauty and love to family, then the production team is so smart to describe the beauty and the sacrifice of women through images “floating cake” – a famous poems of Ho Xuan Huong.

thitai5Fans took attention to all performances.

Not only the quality but the subtleties of decorating dish ideas were partly reflects the significance of the special day 20/10 as well as the sweetness of a Vietnamese women. The contest is an opportunity for female staff stand closer to tighten the solidarity and it’s also an opportunity for women to show the most talented, skillful and resourceful in their life.



thitai8Members of all teams show their skill through cooking.

thitai9Examiners enjoy food and asset quality of food.

Equal in talent, all teams make examiners have difficulty to choose the best team. The final result, there are two champions are: Production department ; Marketing and Cleaner, 2 remaining teams: Admin department and Warehouse – Lab – KCS achieved the 2nd award.

thitai10All teams took pictures with Board of Directors and Representatives.


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