Nha Trang Sea Tourism Festival 2022

Nha Trang Sea Tourism Festival 2022 with the theme “Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa – Touching the heart” took place at 2-4 Square (Nha Trang City) from June 16 to 19, 2022, this festival has really brought tourists and locals the best experiences with more than 30 activities and events of different types.

This is the first time such event has been held, but it has achieved remarkable results, attracting more visitors to Khanh Hoa  than expected,  there are a lot of new tourism products with attractive incentive programs  for customers to choose at the festival.

Operating in the form of an open space with a scale of about 200 tourism, commercial and culinary stalls with separate spaces showing the characteristics, advantages, potentials and tourism products & services of each locality and each corporate, it is estimated that in 4 days, more than 150,000 visitors and locals came to visit, learn, access and use products and services at the Festival. .

Long Sinh is proud to be established on the land of Khanh Hoa with clement weather – favorable terrain – concord among the people. The Board of Directors of the Company always strives in production – business – export activities with the desire to bring the best to the collective of employees, to customers – partners, to the community. Participating in this tourism festival partly shows the desire to contribute efforts together with the locality to create growth momentum and recover the economy after a long period of being affected by Covid.

Long Sinh Co., Ltd. with 25 years of establishment and development, specializes in manufacturing and trading products for agriculture, aquaculture, animal feed ingredients; At the trade fair, the company displayed a full range of high-class products with imported materials for ornamental fish. The company’s booth is decorated eye-catchingly attracting many customers to visit and pay attention.

Hopefully, the success of Nha Trang Sea Tourism Festival 2022 will make a strong contribution to the recovery and regain the growth momentum in the shortest time, affirming “Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa is a safe destination, quality, attractive and friendly”.


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