Good study conference of Business commerce – school year 2015-2016

Business commerce is the major providing knowledge and practical skills needed in the field of Business commerce such as marketing, market research, promotional activities, PR, business planning, sales operations , financial analysis … to achieve maximum benefits for customers and enterprise, in the context of globalization and international competition today. In recent years, Business commerce became one of the hot sectors and a large number of young people attending.

Business commerce is also one of the sectors that Nha Trang university focuses on training in the fields of the Faculty of Economics. With the number of thousands students graduating each year nationwide, so Business commerce students have to compete fiercely on how to find themself a suitable work with optimal working environment? How to well understand about future job? How can best apply the knowledge from school into their work? How can the students graduating Business commerce has enough personality, knowledge and skills to meet the job requirements? … That’s a great question, and also is the main content of the good study conference of Business commerce – Economics Faculty – University of Nha Trang school year 2015-2016.     hoctottm7Dr Trâm Anh  –  Head of Business commerce major make several meaning words and express deep gratiute to guests.

To help young people understand what the employers require candidates? The needed skills to get a good job? Or how to catch the eye of recruiters in the interview? Business commerce’s leaders invited entrepreneurs – those who are the CEO of developed enterpries in Khanh Hoa to exchange and share valuable experiences with the youth.

hoctotthuongmai1New students – K57 of Business commerce make the fingerprint on initiation tree.

Come to this year’s conference, Dr. Vuong, Vinh Hiep – General Director of Long Sinh shared many valuable experiences that can help students orient future job. He also talked about the way non-stop learning and his passion for scientific research besides production & sales of his company. That helped the youth recognize that learning is a continuous process, learn to improve their knowledge, to catch up with modern trends, learn to apply knowledges into job … Because knowledge is a huge ocean. He encouraged the young people strive so much to learn and collect their own useful knowledge in order to create a solid foundation for themselves in the near future.


At the conference, Mr. Vuong, Vinh Hiep also offered the study encouragement scholarships awarded to students overcome poverty to achieve good results in recent semesters. Above all, scholarships for learning or help students with difficult situations is his joy, happiness and it’s social responsibility of Long Sinh. He expects the scholarship program will partly be a spirit gift motivating for the youth to constantly strive and implement their dream.

hoctotthuongmai5For his dedication to create a professional environment for people who are passionate business opportunities especially for the youth having chances to exchange and learch each other. Mr. Vuong, Vinh Hiep and his partners established Future Business Club (FBC). The club will help the youths express their business ideas, demonstrating the skills in an professional environment. He hopes the club will train and search out the successful young entrepreneurs in the future.



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