AZ 002


Special treatment for the intestinal tract, improve Zoea’s prey-catching abilities.

Supplement digestive enzymes to helps shrimp, crab, and fish larvae  digest well.

Limiting the phenomenon of Zoea ruffled head, Post Larva drooped head.

Improve the resistance of shrimp,


Protease : 90 UI/100 gr Maltase : 20 UI/100 gr

Humidity : 11% Sufficient carrier


Pick up Zoea: Use 0.3-0.5 ppm.

Use immediately after the larvae move to the Z1  stage

Periodically: Use 0.5-1 ppm

Step Z, M: use 1 day / time

Step: use 2~3 days/time

For shrimp broodstock: mix AZ-002 in fresh water and then inject it into live-feed


Store in a cool and dry place (temperature < 30oC), avoid moisture or sunlight.

Close the packaging tightly after opening.

Net Weight: 50 g/pack

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