Disinfection of water used in aquaculture.

Effective in preventing and treating diseases for broodstock shrimp, keeping shrimp shiny and in good shape for the next molt.

Prevent and treat diseases outside such as: tail erosion and gill diseases of broodstock shrimp: red gills, black gills, swollen gills…


Active Iodine : 2%

Carrier – Nonyl – Phenoxyl – N.P.E just enough


Bathing broodstock shrimp: 25 ppm (0.5ml/20 liters of sea water).

Prevention: After each water change, use 1 – 1.5 ml/m3 (1 – 1.5 ppm)

Treatment: Use 2 – 4 ml/m3 (2 – 4 ppm), continuously for 3 days.

Water treatment in storage tanks: Use 3 – 5 ml/m3 (3 – 5 ppm) at night. Strengthen strong aeration, can supply water to culture after two days.

Water treatment in the tank: Before putting Nauplius in for about 01 hour, Iodorin – 200 should be used to prevent fungal and bacterial diseases, dose: 0.5 ml/m3 (0.5 ppm)


To a dry, cool place.

After dissolving with water, use immediately to avoid reducing effectiveness.

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