Kivi A


  • Specializing in prevention and treatment of red fungi, Apiosoma , protozoa, chitinous diseases on shrimp, crabs and fish larvae.
  • Stimulate larvae to molt rapidly.
  • Minimize the phenomenon of ruffled head in Zoea, top in Post Larva.
  • Help healthy larvae, improve survival rate.


  • Content of 3HPA (3-Hydroxy-propionaldehyde) fermented extract from Lactobacillus sp :130 mg/L.
  • Sufficient carrier.


  • Mix in fresh water, stir well and spread throughout the tank.


       Z, M : 3-5 ppm used periodically 1-2 days / time

       PL: 4-6 ppm used periodically every 2-3 days


          Z,M: 5-8 ppm

          PL: 14-16 ppm

Uses 3-4 days apart


  • Store in a cool, dry place (avoid direct sunlight).
  • Close the bottle cap tightly after opening.

Net Volume: 100 mml/bottle

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