Long Sinh Flake


With high content of Amino acid, vitamins and especially n-3 HUFA… With lactate fermentation (milking) processing technology, each piece of feed contains a balanced nutritional composition, enhancing the growth process and improve the survival rate of larvae. The floating feed is suitable with the habits of the larvae, stimulating the larvae to catch prey, limiting the phenomenon of swarming and eating each other.

Maintain a stable, non-polluting environment suitable for all larval stages. Processing is guaranteed under strict hygienic conditions, free of pathogens.


Crude Protein : > 45 % Moisture : < 8%

Fat : 8 – 10 % Ash : < 5 %

Fiber : < 2%


Rub through the mesh and stir in fresh water, then pour evenly into the larval tank.

Feed 4-6 times/day.

Dosage varies depending on the density and condition of the larvae.


Store in a cool, dry place and avoid sunlight.

After opening the package, it should be tightly closed to avoid mold growth.

Net Weight: 500g/Pack. 8kg/bucket.

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