Shrimp Flavor


Shrimp Flavor prevents and treats diseases of fungi, protozoa, toxic algae in the aquatic environment.

Stimulate larva to molt simultaneously to increase living rate.


The active element extracts from Goldthread : 85%

Additives: 15%


Dilute Shrimp Flavor in fresh water and then pour it into the larval tank.

About 10 hours before releasing Nauplius, use Shrimp Flavor: 1 g/m3

After each water change (watering), should add vitamins such as ELITE – 900: 1g/m3, then use Shrimp Flavor: 1 g/m

Splash periodically: 1 g/m3

Z, M: 1 day use 1 time

PL: use once every 2-3 days.


Store in a cool, dry place (temperature < 30oC), away from sunlight.

The lid should be closed tightly after opening.

Net Weight: 100 g/can

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