»Sapphire: is a premium product for aquarium fish, suitable for Betta, Neon, Guppy, Cichid, Red Nose Tetra, Harlequin Rasbora, Guppy Fish, Cherry Barb, Roseline Shark, Redtail Shark, Diamond Gourami, Dwarf Gourami, Congo Tetra, Rouw Tetra…

» Sapphire contains high protein up to 46% and necessary nutrients such as: Antarctic shrimp powder, vitamins, probiotics, enzyme, astaxanthin, betaglucan …help fish grow fast and equally, specially spirulina is a  best natural color enhancer.»Sapphire contains  high nutritional amount. To avoid food waste, do not overfeed (fish can finish their food in

» Floating type makes water unpolluted.

» Wheat Flour, Fish Meal, Shrimp Meal, Scallop Meal, Wheat Germ, Seaweed,  Spirulina, Krill Meal, Yeast Powder, B- Carotene, L – Lysine, Dl- Methionine, Lecithin,  Vitamin Premix & Minerals,  Ethoxyquin (as a preservative)

Guaranteed analysis:
» Crude Protein: 46% min    » Crude Fat 5% min
» Crude fiber 3% max          » Crude Ash 12% max
» Moisture 10% max

»Feed 2- 3 times daily as much as fish will consume within few minutes.
» Avoid overfeeding.» Stop feeding when temperature is under 100C

» Keep in cool and dry place.
»  Close tightly after use.
Net Weight:  2gr/ Package

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