Characteristics and benefits:

» Fwusow Koi Food  helps grow and  enhance color for KOI.
» With a  specialized formula, KOI has balanced nutrition for quick growth but still keep KOI slender and active.

» Spirulina, Krill meal  in formula help KOI color bright and highlighted

Fwusow Koi Food 5kg
» High protein, food cost savings
» Easy digestion
» Floating type feed makes water unpolluted.

» Wheat flour, Fish meal, Soy bean powder, wheat germ, Krill meal, Spirulina, Yeast powder, Seaweed, Vitamin premix & minerals.

Guaranteed analysis:
» Crude Protein: 38% min    » Crude fat 4% min
» Crude fiber 4% max          » Crude Ash 12% max
» Moisture 10% max

» Feed daily 2 -3 times as much as fish will consume within several minutes.
» Stop feeding when temperater is under 10oC

» Keep in cool and dry place.
»  Close tightly after use.
Net Weight:  5kg/ package
Spec: 3 packages/ barrel

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