- Preventing and treating of intestinal diseases: white feces disease, cholecystitis,

- Inhibiting harmful bacteria in ponds, helping shrimp grow fast and equally. Reduce the FCR


Mixture of herbs, digestive enzymes, organic acids and micronutrients Caprylic and capric acid: 18% Amino acid (Lysine, Methionine): 10%

vitamins: 0.66%

Minerals, herbs and capsules are 100% full.

 Containing no banned substances in production and business under the current regulations of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.

 Dosage and usage:

* Prevention:

 – From the begining to 30 days: use 3 grams / 1kg of food.

 – From 31st to 80th day age: 2gr / kg of food.

 – From day 81 onwards: 1 gram per kg of feed.

* Cure:

Whenever white faeces were found in ponds or the presence of fluid appeared around the pond area, high doses of 8-10 grams / kg of feed were fed continuously for 5-7 days.


- Keep in cool, dry place.

- Close the lid after use.

Net weight: 200gr / can


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