– Specialize for  aquatic pond detoxication when the pond is poisoned due to: residues of chemical disinfectants, algae chemicals, heavy metals dispersed in water, organic toxins, drugs plant protection …

 - Eliminate harmful microorganisms and toxic algae in water.

- Absorb and dissolute of toxic gases NH4, NO2, H2S and suspended solids in the pond, deodorize the bottom of pond.

- Overcome difficulty of changing water color and the phenomenon of foam on the water surface.

- Stabilize PH, avoid stratified pond water, enhance dissolved oxygen in ponds.

- Stimulate appetite, improve survival rate for aquacultural animals


Acetic Acid: 10.000ppm

Saponin extract from Yucca shidigera: 5.000ppm

Additives (organic acid salts) just enough.

Containing no banned substances in production and business under the current regulations of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.

  Dosage and usage:

- Suitable product for all brackish and saltwater aquarium animals such as shrimp, fish, crabs, snails, oysters… in all growth stages.

- Before stocking shrimp into ponds, let splash P.A.D to reduce toxins in ponds, improve the survival rate of shrimp hatchery.

- Dissolve the product with water and throw it over the pond:

    * Periodically: use 250ml PAD / 1.000m3

    * Dose of antitoxic: Use 500ml PAD / 1.000 m3. use double doses or repeatedly twice for severely poisoned ponds

  Storage: Store in a cool, dry place. Close the lid after use

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