2.5 million aquatic species released for the regeneration of fisheries resources at Trao Reef

On April 1st, in commemoration of the 65th anniversary of the traditional day of the Vietnamese Fisheries Sector (April 1st, 1959 – April 1st, 2024), Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, in collaboration with the People’s Committee of Van Ninh district, the Provincial Labor Union, the Provincial Fisheries Association, as well as various units and enterprises in the fisheries sector, organized the release of seedlings to regenerate fisheries resources at the Marine Protected Area of Trao Reef (Van Ninh district).

At this event, nearly 2.5 million aquatic species of various aquatic species were released, including 1.2 million shrimp, 1.26 million clams and oysters, and 25,000 marine fish such as groupers, snappers, and pomfrets, into the core area of this marine protected ecosystem. This marks the second consecutive year of organizing aquatic species release activities for fisheries resource regeneration at Trao Reef.

As a company operating in the fisheries sector with a 26-year history, the management board of Long Sinh Co., Ltd. has always paid special attention to fisheries resource regeneration and environmental protection. This is an annual activity that the company actively participates in and contributes to financially. In addition, with the mission of “joining hands for sustainable community development”, Long Sinh continuously strives to research and develop product lines with environmentally friendly criteria and suitable for the sustainable development requirements of Vietnamese fisheries sector.

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Mr. Duong Dinh Phuc, Deputy General Director of Long Sinh Co., Ltd., along with the leaders of participating units, took part in the aquatic specie release activity to regenerate coastal fisheries resources.

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