Long Sinh organized the “Trade Union Meal” program

On May 16, 2024, in celebration of Workers’ Month and the Month of Action for Occupational Safety and Health, the grassroots trade union of Long Sinh Co., Ltd. collaborated with the company’s leadership to organize the “Trade Union Meal” program for all union members and workers.

The program took place during the mid-shift break, catering to over 90 union members and workers directly working at the factory. Each meal, valued at 60,000 VND, was upgraded in quality and nutritional content compared to the regular daily shift meals, with the additional cost covered by the company.

The “Trade Union Meal” is one of activities commemorating Workers’ Month by the company and the grassroots trade union, demonstrating greater care and attention to workers. It is also an expression of gratitude to the workers who have consistently performed their duties well and made significant contributions to the company’s development.

web bữacơm công đoàn 24 (4)The program was organized for over 90 union members and workers directly employed at the factory. 

web bữacơm công đoàn 24 (1)Mr. Vuong Vinh Hiep, the General Director of the company, and members of the leadership team joined the union meal with the entire staff

web bữacơm công đoàn 24 (3)

bữa cơm cđ 24 (7) - CopyThe union meal, organized for the first time at the company, brought a joyful and enthusiastic atmosphere to all union members and workers. 

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