Long Sinh’s Fish Meal is made from fish meat, trash fish, whole fish, head and bone of Tuna fish or other by-products from fish processing.

Fishmeal is a high-protein product, The protein of marine fishmeal is a perfect protein, because they contain enough non-replaceable amino acids and are proportional to amino acids. Marine fishmeal has a high digestibility because it contains a lot of soluble and absorbable protein.

According to  the market demand, as well as our great desire to bring best products to customers, Long Sinh is constantly expanding the network of material purchasing to become a leading supplier of fish meal products in Viet Nam. Currently, we are supplying fishmeal to many international markets such as Taiwan, Indonesia, Korea, Japan, Arab..

Specification of Fish Meal 60% Protein:

No. Analysis item Limit
1 Digestibility % 90% Min
2 Protein % 60% Min
3 FFA % 7.5% Max
4 Histamin ppm 500 ppm Max
5 Fat % 13% Max
6 Moisture % 10% Max
7 Salt % 5% Max
8 TVN mg/100g 100mg/100g Max
9 ASH % 23% Max

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