Established on August 28th, 1997, Long Sinh Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing and trading products for aquaculture and agriculture industries.

Head office  is located at 37 Hoang Van Thu – Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa, factory  Long Sinh is lot B5 Suoi Dau Industrial Zone – Cam Lam – Khanh Hoa and two branches are in Da Nang City and Long An Province.

Currently, Long Sinh is producing five major product groups:

♦ Supplement and water treatment for aquaculture.

♦ Biological products, supplements, and  feed for larva shrimp.

 ♦ High quality foliar fertilizer and root fertilizer.

Among these, Chitosan is considered a successful advancement of company in recycling of Chitin left seafood processing into fertilizer.

♦ Fish Oil

♦ Fish Meal.

♦  Products for pet birds and aquarium fish.

 Throughout the history of development, Long Sinh has been grown  tremendously in strength and expansion. With all employees and  technical staff  are specially trained by foreign experts, Boad of Directors of Long Sinh always identify human resources as the  key to success of company  in tough economic period. From this viewpoint, our company strives to maintain an optimal environment and working conditions that stimulate our highly-motivated staff.

Up to now, Long Sinh’s products have been trusted and highly recommended by customers with distribution network of more than 973 agents and 4,865 sub-agents throughout Vietnam. Besides, we also export raw materials for live-stock feed and aquafeed to customers in international market. Thanks to our prestige and business strategies, Long Sinh defines company’s vision in expanding and diversifying products to supply international and national markets to keep our statement: “Long-term benefit”.

Long Sinh pledge to continuously research and stay up-to-date new technologies, modern and efficent facilities and apply cutting edge scientific achievements to produce high-quality products. All of Long Sinh’s products are strictly controlled in every step from materials, packaging to finished products. To ensure  quality , we cooperate with foreign  experts and experienced controlling supervisors; use imported materials and technologies from Taiwan and USA ; and maintain a modern, sophisticated LAB. All of our products are environmentally friendly and contain no harmful ingredients for human and animals.

Value letters of LONG SINH  as below:

Loyal   Sincere 
 Organized Invincible
 Neat  Nice 
 Generous Hospitable

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