History of development

1997: Long Sinh was established on August 28, 1997 by Dr. Vuong Vinh Hiep. Initially, the company had fewer than 10 employees and a charter capital of only three hundred million dong. In its very first years, the company’s primary business was exporting frozen seafood to the Taiwanese market.

1999: The leadership conducted market research, identified practical needs, and with a business development orientation during the country’s expansion into aquaculture, decided to diversify into new areas, including shrimp feed, veterinary medicine for aquaculture, and organic fertilizers. In 1999, Long Sinh also established a branch in Ho Chi Minh City.

2003: After opening a branch in Da Nang, Board of Directors increased the charter capital and expanded investment to build a factory in the Suoi Dau Industrial Zone – Dien Khanh – Khanh Hoa (now part of Cam Lam – Khanh Hoa).

2006: Long Sinh continued to increase its charter capital and added a new business line: the production of raw materials for livestock feed processing, such as fish meal and squid meal. This product category was mainly exported to markets in Taiwan, South Korea, Indonesia, and Japan.

2009: Faced with economic crises, Long Sinh encountered many challenges. Board of Directors quickly applied the “Enterprise Restructuring” solution to steer Long Sinh ship through difficult times. In September, the company invested in expanding and inaugurating a new factory.

2011 – 2012: Long Sinh  achieved highest revenue and profit in those years.

On July 22, 2012, the opening of the Long An branch marked a shining milestone in the formation and development of the company.

In July 2013, the production line for Chitosan products from shrimp shell material was operated with a design capacity of 1 ton of raw material per day. Under the supervision and design consultation of experienced experts from Nha Trang University and the Netherlands in the Global Competitiveness Facility (GCF) program of the Danish Government.

Long Sinh’s Chitosan foliar fertilizer product, with the competitive advantage of using fresh shrimp shell material from nearby aquaculture factories and Chitosan produced directly at the Long Sinh factory through an integrated production line, is known for its good quality, low cost, and active sourcing of raw materials. This helps avoid issues of material shortages or high costs from imported sources. The first products were introduced to the market and well-trusted by farmers for their superior quality, enhancing crop productivity.

Also in 2013, fish oil and fish meal extraction line was put into operation. This improved production efficiency and fully utilized the valuable components from fish byproducts, supplying the market with valuable raw materials used in various fields such as aquaculture. 

From 2017 to the present:

The company increased its charter capital to 50 billion dong.

Received two Certificate of Excellence from the Prime Minister.

Received Vietnam Gold Star of Award in 2018.

Expanded the Long An branch.

Built a new factory in Lot B6, Suoi Dau Industrial Zone.

Obtained the Certification for the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) System.

Upgraded the OHSAS 18001 certification to ISO 45001.

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