About logo:

That’s the picture of a dragon flies to sky – symbolizing for flying up high, reaching more successes, winning more achievements, new developments.

About slogan: “Long-term Benefit”- we have a great desire on offering very best long-term benefits for:

  • The market – customers
  • The society
  • Staff
  • Partners

In critical competiton of market economy, corporate culture is the golden element for success of each enterprise. People said: “corporate culture is thing remained while all have been lost already.” BOD of Long Sinh are highly aware of this matter. Thereby, we specifies to set up sustainable foundation for Long Sinh’s corporate culture. Not only do BOD set up the reasonable internal culture, BOD take interest in external behaviour either. Concrete proof is the optimal working environment that’s active – creative – friendly – solidary – mutual respect.

BOD coordinate closely with union to organize following series of activities:

  • Warm year-end celebration held annually, including diversity of music activities and game of casting lots with lucky money.
  • Travelling tour for entire employees in special occasions such as: year-closing, international labor day and other public holidays….
  • And lot of leisure activities as: cooking competition “All Have Fun” , football, flower arrangement, music performance, Gala dinner…
  • Anniversary to celebrate Long Sinh’s Foundation Day – the 28th of August every year with emulation movement including competitive activities (football, chess, badminton, slow motobike racing, blindfolded beating pot, hold spoon pouring into bottles, gameshow, contest of eloquence…) and lastly, we all join in formal party….
  • Sport day at every afternoon of Saturday for staff

For working regulations, BOD also supplement more extra rights in collective agreement for labor such as: in case of 3 year seniority, employees will annually have a paid day-off on December 25th (Christmas holiday), male staff have a paid day-off in case his wife gives a birth……..In addition, BOD Give some presents in cash for staff in their birthday and public holidays.

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